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After 22 years dedicated to our established practice Martinelli Eye & Laser Centers, started in 1965 by my father John J. Martinelli OD (PCO 65’), I embarked on an extreme extended sabbatical. At the peak of my career in 2010, I became a 1st year medical student at 47 years old.

Of course, this decision became the ultimate challenge - to perform at the highest academic level after more than two decades out of school - not to mention making no feasible economic sense. And yes, many thought I had lost my mind! A very high-risk path to pursue on every level.

I loved what I was doing and was at the top of my game, actually becoming the #1 therapeutic & #1 glaucoma OD provider in the U.S. based on volume of patients treated medically. However, I also felt I just had more to give. A “feeling” not easily put into words - and I knew it would undoubtedly be an extension of what I can do for patients and our practice.

So, my overly supportive wife Melissa and I sold everything, left practice, and went on a journey which changed our lives forever.

After much blood, sweat, & tears, then completing the U.S. medical boards, I went back to full-time practice. In 2017 I founded the popular Facebook group CME4OD, teaching pertinent clinical medicine to nearly 2000 other practicing doctors around the world. My latest project, Ophthalmic Physician Consulting, aims to provide current and future private practice OD’s guidance, assistance, as well as key secrets to success.​

I hope to hear from you!

- John

John Martinelli

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